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Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo
Nuestro equipo

Preparados para la apasionante tarea de enseñar inglés a los más pequeños.

Nuestra prioridad es encontrar personas que puedan enseñar y motivar a los niños a aprender inglés, que conecten y tengan empatía con los más pequeños. Un gran dominio del inglés, dinamismo, profesionalidad, empatía y una gran motivación por su trabajo son las principales características de nuestro equipo docente. 

A continuación os los presentamos:


  • Mariela Wolley

    Mariela Wolley

    Mariela works in Kids&Us as an Academic Coordinator. She is very passionate and enjoys everything related to education and teaching. Her academic training and professional path lies in the education field because of her involvement in promoting the integral development in human beings, we can also define her with great active listening that she offers to people.

  • Cristina Flores

    Cristina Flores

    Cristina has a degree in psychology which she obtains from the UNAM, she has over ten years of experience in the educational field, as a Professor, Coordinator and Director. She finds her passion in seeing the personal growth and accomplishments of her peers. She loves to travel and to challenge herself. What she loves about working for Kids&Us is the amazing commitment and expertise in teaching the English language, she also finds great comfort in working daily, side by side with her team.

  • Gabriela García

    Gabriela García

    Gabriela Studied Design and Visual Communication, her hobbies include art making, drawings, painting, sculpting, listening to music from various cultures and studying languages, such as English and Korean. As a teacher, Gabriela is fun and challenges the children, which makes her classes interesting and enjoyable. Her classes are always very smooth and she's always trying to make them different and innovative.

  • Magally Stransky

    Magally Stransky

    I'm Miss Maggie. I work as an English teacher and a interpreter/translator. I enjoy doing different activities such as spending time with my family, reading books and watching Korean skincare videos just to mention a few things. What I enjoy the most of being part of the Kids&Us family is that I get to meet wonderful and bright young students that fill me with hope.

  • Helena Hernando

    Helena Hernando

    I’m Teacher Helena and I find teaching to be my passion. I have got a B. Degree in English Teaching. I love everything related to art, like poetry, illustration, music and photography and I love to spend a great time during a lesson by giving regular classes a fun twist to make learning meaningful. I’m creative, fun and playful, always in a mood for a good learning game. I love having fun along with my students in order to get them feel confident about themselves and the time spent together.

  • Itzel Miranda

    Itzel Miranda

    Itzel Found her vocation in teaching when she was very young, therefore she studied English teaching at the UNAM. She's a teacher full of energy who enjoys playing with kids of all ages. Among her interests and hobbies are acting, baking and having fun at Kids&Us.

  • Diana Andrés

    Diana Andrés

    Diana is a kind and selfless person. She loves to help others and feels accomplished when helping others. You can see this from her profession as a preschool teacher. She loves to teach and help develop young minds. She is organized, diligent, and responsible. She treats others with fairness, kindness, and respect. In addition, she is a very creative individual with nice artistic talent.

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